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Information for residents about how to help reduce the impact of climate change in Swale.

There's lots you can do yourself to help in the fight against climate change, from reducing and recycling your household waste to changing your travel habits, you can reduce your carbon footprint and support yourself and your community.

Know your footprint

Understanding what your carbon footprint means and how to calculate it makes it easier to see how the improvements you make help reduce your impact on the environment.

You can find out more about the term carbon footprint and calculate yours online.

Careful with your waste

Reduce and manage your household waste better to help in the fight against climate change.

Find out more about ways you can help through managing your household waste.


Changing your travel habits can help improve your mental and physical health, save you money and support the fight against climate change.

Find out more about the things you can do to help.

Fuel and water

Get help and advice saving energy and water around your home.


Food miles and sustainable sources can help reduce the impact your food has on climate change.

Find out more, including ways to change your eating habits.

Animals and plants

Everything from tiny insects to birds and other animals help keep our environment in a fine balance.

Find out how you can help support the natural work insect and animals do to maintain the environment.