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Explore your local biodiversity

Get out and about to explore the biodiversity all around you.

Explore your local biodiversity

Find the nearest country park or nature reserve to you: Explore the great outdoors in Swale

Explore part of the 'Garden of England' and experience a variety of landscapes supporting a rich abundance of wildlife. Much of the Isle of Sheppey and the northern fringes of the mainland is marshland with large open skies, where stunning sunrises and sunsets and can be viewed during an overnight stay. Swathes of land have national and international protection status and are a feature of where coast meets countryside around the Swale Estuary: Countryside and local produce

Swale’s wealth of wetlands have a range of benefits for both your wellbeing and local environment. Many of the wetland areas of Swale are protected by the Kent Wildlife Trust, RSPB and other organisations: Protected Wetlands