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Help the Hedgehogs

Advice about ways you can help support and encourage hedgehogs in your area.

With hedgehogs now on the red list and fast on the decline, each one that can be saved is vital to supporting their population. We in Swale are so fortunate that hedgehogs live all over the borough, and with the right guidance and support Swale can be a real stronghold for them.

Here are some simple ways you can help support or encourage hedgehogs in your area:

  • Making sure hedgehogs can move between gardens by allowing a small gap between fences, the size of a CD case is more than sufficient!
  • Leaving out some meaty cat food and water, NOT milk and no nuts/seeds/raisins etc. Hedgehogs cannot digest plant matter, they’re insectivores.
  • Providing a solid hedgehog house, we recommend solid wooden ones and not lightweight woven ones.
  • Being aware when gardening, we see many strimmer injuries and nest disturbances that could’ve been avoided.
  • If you find a hedgehog out in the daytime call either Wrens Hill Hedgehog Rescue or Hogwinkles as soon as possible. Out in the day, not okay!
  • If you find a hedgehog laying in the open, surrounded by flies, injured, wobbly, a tiny baby alone, laboured breathing, circling. Any of the above are valid reasons to warrant picking up the hedgehog, placing it in a box or container and either transporting or calling a rescue immediately. Please do not attempt to nurse the hedgehog yourself, we have the medications, microscopes and supportive equipment and know how for them to have the best possible chance.

Thank you to Wrens Hill Hedgehog Rescue for providing these tips.