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Boost the Biodiversity in your Garden

Advice about the ways you can help support the fight against climate change by boosting the biodiversity in your own garden.

Boost the Biodiversity in your back garden

Everyone can contribute to protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of Swale.

One way this can be done is by providing the best environment for pollinators. Pollinators are insects which are essential to our environment, and even to our lives and they are declining fast. They are so-called because they carry the reproductive dust, pollen, from flower to flower to grow the new generations of plants. Without them a significant number of plants, from trees to strawberries, could not reproduce. The environmental group Buglife says every third mouthful of our food depends on insect pollinators. Losing our pollinators would be a major ecological and economic disaster (KCC Plan Bee)

However big or small your garden, window ledge of shed roof, there are ways you can contribute: