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The climate crisis is escalating, but your business can all make a difference.

Leading climate scientists are clear – lifestyle changes can make a big difference and 'everyone is going to have to be involved’ if we are to secure a safe environment for future generations.

SME’s can influence 63% of carbon emissions, so however small your business is, it can still make a difference.

We know deciphering the terminology around decarbonisation can be tricky - Nottingham Trent University has produced this online code to help smaller businesses.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Knowing your business' carbon footprint is essential to reducing your environmental impact. Find out how here.

Get Funding

Decarbonisation requires investment but often comes with a great return. Find out more about the funding available to support your decarbonisation journey.

Case Studies

Swale has some brilliant businesses taking steps to improve their carbon footprint. Find out more about how they got on.


We are always looking for opportunities to connect members of the community to help achieve brilliant projects. Get involved.

Faversham Car Club

Hiyacar offers ‘Business Accounts,’ to make employee travel efficient and affordable.

So, whether you're a small business owner making frequent deliveries or regularly transporting equipment, or a larger business with a number of employees needing affordable and easy access to vehicles to get to external meetings - Hiyacar is here to make things easier!

A Hiyacar Business Account allows yourself and your employees hassle-free access to a wide range and variety of local cars, and cars across the country. Centralised billing, and the use of our industry-leading QuickStart contactless car-access technology and bespoke car sharing insurance are among the many perks of having a Hiyacar Business Account.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to 50% off hires between midday Monday and midday Friday.
  • Employees can organise their own business travel.
  • You’ll have access to local cars, with breakdown cover and business insurance.