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What We're Doing

Action on the climate and ecological emergency is urgent and Swale Borough Council recognises the importance of leadership, to rapidly build and maintain momentum. The council is determined to establish itself as a beacon of best practice and learning, to stimulate and support borough-wide action.

Recognising the importance of leadership means getting ‘our own house in order’ whilst working to support the wider borough.

We’re working with other local authorities, community groups, organisations and individuals to make the most of the latest technology and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We’re also being critical of ourselves – making changes to the way we work and encouraging more accountability amongst our partners and staff.

Our Action Plan

In 2020 we published our Climate and Ecological Emergency Action Plan. This sets out the actions we need to take to  achieve net-zero across our estate by 2025 and net-zero across the borough by 2030.

Top 10 Priorities

For 2023, our top 10 key priority actions are:

  1. retro-fit Swale House to cut carbon emissions
  2. develop, adopt and implement an EV strategy
  3. tree planting on council land (target; 148,100 trees or 60 acres of woodland) to offset 20% of council emissions
  4. improve facilities and incentives for walking and cycling
  5. increase engagement with our staff, including a review of business travel
  6. support businesses to reduce carbon emissions and improve ecology and biodiversity
  7. set up an offset fund
  8. establish and promote a car club in Faversham.
  9. ensure LED lighting is fitted across the our estate, including parks and open spaces
  10. improve air quality, focusing on AQMAs along the A2 and the establishment of a Clean Air Zone